Friday, 03 November, 13:10-13:55 CET in room X

The bile is boiling - Interventional and systemic therapy options for bile duct tumours

Moderation: Jens Marquardt

Diagnostik und interventionelle Therapien bei Tumoren der Gallengänge – Dirk Domagk
Fortschritte in der systemischen Behandlung biliärer Karzinome – Johann Ockenga

Die Indikation macht den Unterschied: Warum verschiedene EUS-Nadeltypen sinnvoll sind

Carl Schimanski – Moderation: Siegbert Faiss

Endoscopic biopsy: importance for biomarker testing and treatment success in gastroesophageal tumours

Alexander Quaas and Hans-Dieter Allescher

New PEG techniques: Is the better the enemy of the good?

Karl-Ernst Grund

Lectures intended exclusively for medical professionals in accordance with § 10 HWG.