Sponsors & Exhibitors

The ENDOCLUBNORD would like to thank their industrial partners for
supporting ENDOCLUBNORD 2022 in Hamburg.

Transparency requirement according to FSA Code and AKG guidelines

In accordance with the requirements of the FSA (Voluntary Self-Monitoring of the Pharmaceutical Industry), the conditions and the extent of the support of member companies should be presented transparently to the participants both in the congress announcement and in the implementation of the congress.

According to the guidelines of the AKG (Arzneimittel und Kooperation im Gesundheitswesen e.V.), member companies should work towards ensuring that their support is disclosed by the organiser both in the announcement of the congress and in its implementation. The publication of the type and extent of the total support does not constitute an obligation for the AKG member companies and takes place here voluntarily after written consent.

In the case of the industrial partners listed below, we provide information on their overall support within the framework of ENDOCLUBNORD 2022 in accordance with their membership of the FSA or AKG or individual consent:

As of: September 2022 | Subject to change