Satellite Symposia*

Friday, 03 November from 18:10 to 19:00 CET

DEGEA video recap

The symposium is aimed at endoscopy specialists and endoscopy teams: see and discuss particularly exciting cases from recent years with experienced tutors from medical services and nursing.

Bleeding control techniques
– when the routine equipment is no longer sufficient

„Sponge-Bob“ – Complication management with sponges and stents to close leaks and large defects

No blind flight – EUS opens the way to the biliary system

Being prepared is everything – ERCP short and long wire systems, complex stone extractions, complex stenting

Slings, hooks, knives & Co for all kinds of resections – what does the assistant need to know?

There is only a limited number of practice spaces available. Admission according to capacity.

JUGA Symposium: Endonosonography in further education - perfect your know-how!

Chairs: Steffi Reichermeier, Karim Hamesch

Tips and tricks to get you started – Katja Lieber, Oscar Cahyadi

I see something you don't see? - endosonographic picture quiz! – Sandra Nagl, Adam Herber

The most important Endosono-papers of 2023! – Yvonne Huber, Marcus Hollenbach

* Satellite Symposia, Friday 03 November from 18:10 in room X
(incl., no pre-registration required)

Satellite Symposium - bng

Polypectomy in 1:1 handling

Chairs: Jens Aschenbeck and Angelika Behrens

From cap to AI - improving the adenoma detection rate Jochen Wedemeyer

Polypectomy in practice: How do I do it? What do I not do? Matthias Kahl

Polypectomy: essential facts about the technique, e.g. snares, current, loop ect. Axel Eickhoff